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Zand is a new kind of bank, free from outdated systems, processes, and cultures. We’re here to help you at each and every moment of your financial life.

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A brand-new way of looking at money

From day one, we started working on bringing ease, access, transparency, and control to banking, making it work for everyone. We take the best of banking, design-thinking, and entrepreneurship to create a solution that meets the needs of modern customers.

A bank that knows you and puts you first

Zand is rooted in the region, its people, and its oldest element, sand.

Our name derives from the word ‘sand’. Sand is silicon, and silicon is digital, reflecting our simple and accessible digital services to make your life easier.

Zand is for those having goals in sight.
It’s for professionals, young and old, families with life goals, and businesses who seek reliability, service, value, and modernity.

We’re here to meet the evolving needs of the future – to design a system that works. Our services bring people together and work even better because of it.

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Everything is designed with our values in mind


Be your own banker

Zand is about empowering you to master your money. We give you insights and money management tools, leaving you to spend your money and time on the things you value.


Banking made easy

We’re building an intuitive app that speaks your language and gives you the freedom to streamline your money.

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We’re only getting started

We’re digital, innovative, and robust by nature. For us, moving forward is a matter of course. Like the UAE, we are ever-evolving to meet your needs, so you’re never stuck in the past.

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Access is everything

No more old-school banking, where money needs to be in a building or a box. Instead, we put the bank in your pocket.

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Full disclosure

Nothing says trust like full disclosure. With Zand, what you see is what you get. So you always know where you are with your money and get live updates on when, where and how you spend it.

Zand personal banking
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