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References to “you”, “user” or “your” are references to any person accessing this Cookies Policy on our website or our mobile application.

References to “Zand”, “website”, “mobile application”, “we”, “our” or “us” are references to Eradah Capital LLC or any other entity licensed to use the registered Zand trade name.

General Disclaimer and Acceptance to our Cookies Policy:

This Cookies Policy is a section of our Privacy Policy dedicated to cookies, compliant with the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) requirements. Our Cookies Policy details the purpose of the cookies on our website and our mobile application. The policy may be amended from time to time. We will let you know by appropriate means such as by posting the revised policy on this same page with a new “Last Updated” date.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file containing data about you, that our website transfers to a file called a cookie file of the browser on your computer’s hard drive. Its purpose is to recognize you when you reconnect or revisit our website or our mobile application regarding certain information about you.

Types of Cookies:

Our website and our mobile application use a variety of cookies allowing the improvement, the performance and the functionality of our website and our mobile application. Many cookies are designed to give you optimal usage of our website and our mobile application. For example, we use cookies to allow you to use secure online application form or letting you navigate between pages efficiently.

We use the following cookies, however this list in not exhaustive:

We use the following types of cookies:

  1. Necessary cookies
  2. Necessary cookies are placed on our website by default. You can turn off these cookies on your device if you don't want us to use necessary cookies but it might impact your ability to browse our website. We need necessary cookies to help us to run our website, and to help us detect any problems with it. For example, we use a cookie that tells us how busy the server is based on the number of visitors and that tells us if any users experience problems so that we can resolve the problems as soon as possible.

    We also use cookies to remember our users while they are browsing our website, its pages, links and subdomains. For example, we use necessary cookies to help recognise you and provide you with content as you browse the website. We may also use a cookie that tracks your cookie privacy preferences so that we do not place analytics and advertising cookies, which we'll talk about below, if you don't want us to. This particular type of cookie will remain on your device even after you've stopped browsing the website so we can make sure we comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

  3. Analytics and advertising cookies
  4. These allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors to our website, and see how visitors browse our website, so we can understand how our website content is performing and improve it where necessary. We use third party cookies for this purpose and we've explained in the table below the specific cookies we use.

    Advertising and analytics cookies also allow us to see what pages, links and sub-domains visitors have visited so we can provide more relevant ads. We may share this information with other organisations, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, for the same purpose.

    Please see the table below for more detail about which advertising and analytics cookies we use and why.

Our use of Cookie?

Our company uses cookies to provide you a tailored experience and an online service more suited to the device you connect from. Moreover, cookies are also used by our company to ensure your security and your privacy whenever you log in a new session or to ensure that advertisements you see online, are more relevant to you and to your interests.

Cookie name Purpose
Bing Ads Tells us how our ads on Bing are working and what kinds of users are interested in Zand.
BounceX A cookie that tracks when a user is about to leave the Zand website. It asks them to provide their email address so we can tell them a bit more about Zand and our promotions.
Branch Enables us to detect when a user has arrived on the Zand website by clicking on a Zand ad on another site or as a result of a referral or reward advertised on another site.
Facebook Ads Tells us how our ads on Facebook are working and what kinds of users are interested in Zand.
Lever To record page views relating to careers, and inform us if someone applies for a job through the careers page of the Zand website.
Google Ads A cookie that shows us how effective our Zand ad campaigns are by tracking how many users click through to our website from a particular ad, and the demographic of those users.
Google Analytics Allows us to see how many users are on the Zand website, which pages they are visiting and track how many visitors joined Zand.
Google Optimise Part of our testing platform to help us understand whether any changes we've made to Zand website pages have been well received.
Google Tag Manager This cookie controls other cookies on the website.
Intercom Intercom is a tool that allows users to chat to Support through our website. It uses a script with a visitor cookie associated with it.
LinkedIn Insight Tells us how often people are clicking on our ads on LinkedIn and are taken to the jobs board on the Zand website.
Twitter Ads Tells us how our ads on Twitter are working and what kinds of users are interested in Zand.
Third party use of Cookies

In addition to these cookies used, our company uses third party trusty suppliers and partners who provide indispensable features and functionality to our websites to improve your online banking experience.

Links to third party websites are available on our company website, please acknowledge that each third party has its own privacy and Cookies Policy that will be applicable regarding their use of any information you submit. As a recommendation from our company, you shall read their policies, as Zand is not responsible or liable for any third party’s privacy/cookies practices.

Setting your Cookie preferences: refusing cookies on this site

Most websites set cookies by default to improve your experience and to ensure the website performs as you expect it to. However, our company website gives you the option to set your cookie preferences, by choosing which information you want to share and which information you refuse to. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that some cookies such as “Necessary Cookie” should always be activated in order to not affect how our website words and you may not be able to access all or parts of the website.

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