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Keeping you safe

With the levels of fraudulent activity and scams having increased with the rise of the digital age, we know that as a fully digital bank, our priority is keeping your money safe. We have implemented the highest security standards, and together we can better safeguard your information.  

It pays to be on your guard

Criminals can be quite convincing by tricking bank customers into revealing personal details. They may contact you by email, via SMS, through social media (WhatsApp) or even by phone calls to:

  • Steal your passwords and bank details through malicious software, fake emails and fake websites.
  • Ask you to provide security details.
  • Take over your computer and use it to attack other people’s computers.
How can you protect your money?

We give you the tools to protect your account and secure your money.
If you suspect any fraudulent activity, you can lock your debit card in the Zand app.
This saves you time and protects you against any further incidents.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

It always helps to be on the lookout for the warning signs:

  • Big promises: ‘You have won the lottery.’
  • Big threats: ‘Your account has been hacked’, ‘Your account expired.’
  • A false sense of urgency: ‘Act now, or it’ll be too late’, ‘From Central Bank’, ‘Dubai Police.’
  • Unnecessary secrecy: ‘Don’t tell anyone.’
  • ‘Business opportunities’ that involve holding or receiving money for strangers.
Steps you can take

If you suspect any fraudulent activity, you have the ability to block your own card in the Zand app. This saves you time against any further incidents.

Be vigilant against any phone calls or messages, where the person is claiming the matter is very urgent, using scare tactics or applying pressure. In these instances, fraudsters can ask for sensitive personal information, like OTP, verification code, email password, card PIN or 16-digit card number and three-digit security number (on back of card), to confirm your personal information, Emirates ID details or to urgently transfer money to another account.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, disconnect the communication and contact us immediately.

How to contact us?

Remember: we will never request your password, account detail, or confidential information over the phone, via email, SMS or social media. We will also never direct you to a site to input your username and password. Your password and PIN are private to you – never reveal them to anyone.

In case you suspect any unusual activity or feel that you have been duped by a fraudster into divulging personal information or transferring money, then please:

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